Uzbek Embassy in Baku

Uzbek Embassy in BakuAzerbaijan is a strong bond of communication between Uzbekistan Government and Azerbaijan.

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Head of Mission: Mr Fayziev Sherzod Miraglamovich, Ambassador

Consulate Appointment or Contact Information Uzbek Embassy in Baku : Before visit make an appointment

For consular services or any other queries, It is recommended to make an appointment at the Uzbek Embassy in Baku on the day of your visit or at any other time during the visit. You can make an appointment through either a phone call or email on You are advised for more details. Please check the consulate website for the inquiries contact form. A contact form for inquiries can be found on the consulate website.

Uzbekistan Consulates in Azerbaijan may organize/prioritize an Appointment for Uzbekistan residents or have committed support.

Visa and Passports
If you like to visit Azerbaijan with friends, family, solo trip, for business, or any other reasons. There are different types of visas services available so that you can select according to your Visit. There you can find complete information about all types of visas services. You are suggested to look for more information about specific visa types.

Travel Insurance for Azerbaijan
Travel insurance is essential and recommended for all those who wish to travel to Azerbaijan. For any inconvenience or emergency, you can skip the expensive and challenging deal, Get a quote.


Coronavirus (COVID-19)
The Uzbek Embassy in Baku might have adjusted its office hours and services due to the Covid-19 ( Coronavirus). You are advised here. Please do confirm personally vai Phone call & E-mail.

*It is our request to all of you, Please help us to update with correct information for the Uzbek Embassy in Baku, if you find any information that is not correct.